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LinuxCon 2010: Linux on Real-Time Embedded Systems: Tips and Tools

6:00pm, Tuesday, September 1st
Location: Ballroom 2
Topic: Embedded

By supporting many hardware architectures and reducing the time-to-market, Linux became a frequently choice of operating system to embedded telecommunication devices. However, the vanilla Linux kernel is a soft real-time operating system and needs some patchs, tools an techniques to makes possible your utilization on systems with firm real-time requirements. This presentation shows some tips and tools, collected during the development of embedded telecommunication devices, that transform the vanilla Linux on a operating system able to meet the firm real-time requirements of telecommunications devices, even on small embedded systems. The target audience of this presentation is developers of embedded, real-time and telecommunication systems. It is desired an intermediate knowledge on hardware architecture and solid knowledge in operating systems (IRQ Handling, Scheduling, Real Time).

Daniel Bristot de Oliveira, Intelbras SA

Daniel Bristot de Oliveira is a Computer Scientist and currently is getting master degree in Engineering of Automation and Systems at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, where his research line is real-time operating systems. He is currently a software engineer at Intelbras, a Brazilian telecommunication devices factory, where he is responsible for the OS layer used in the development of embedded systems for telecommunication devices. His key skills are: Customization of the Linux Kernel, device drivers, Real-Time and low level network protocols. He lectured presentations on FISL (2007 and 2009), CONISLI (2006 and 2007), LinuxChix Brazil Meeting and others national and regional events in Brazil.