My Sons

That’s my sons:

My sons :)

The left most is an asus eeePC that’s always with me at my bag. Is a INTEL ATOM n270, I got it because of you battery life, about 6 hour of full work, and your weight, about 1,3Kg with all packages installed and all my music inside 😉
It’s run Fedora 13 with XFCE Desktop environment.

At the middle is and ok is only the screen, but is an DELL Inspiron 531 with an AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+.
That’s my desktop and test machine, I run fedora 13 on two installations:

  • The first one is for my desktop machine, where I watch some movies , surf on internet and use to develop some embedded and kernel. The desktop environment is Gnome.
  • The second one is for test real-time Linux kernel and make some applications. It run Fedora 13 with a custom kernel with the last real time patch, the desktop environment is XFCE.

The right most computer is an at91sam9260ek called as Is an Atmel development Kit for at91sam9260 processor (an ARM 926ej-s CPU at 200Mhz).
It run Buildroot Linux with a custom kernel with preempt-rt Linux and I use it to study drivers, kernel, and hardware architecture.

Where wallpaper is possible, is always about MotoGP, preferentially pictures where Valentino Rossi #46 is at 1st position. There is more development kits here, with TI omap3, blackfin and anthers embedded processors, but, these are the computer that i use more 🙂