Linux Task Model

Here you can find more information about the Linux Task Model developed during my Ph.D.

To do the development of the model, I am using the Supremica Tool. The file .wmod contains the model in the format used by Supremica. From the .wmod it is possible to export the file in the graphviz format used by perf.

The latest version of the model can be found here.

The model is verified with perf_task model tool, by using a kernel with some additional patches. These kernel patches add some tracepoints and also some patches to adjust tracing. For example, in the current date, it also adds the “early context tracking” patch set.

The latest version of the patchset can be found here. It is based in the v5.0.5-rt3 of the PREEMPT_RT devel tree. You can use this kernel config file as base for your config, it works with Fedora 29 server in the following KVM-RT VM.