Linux Plumbers 2018 report

It was a success!

This year I ended up making five talks! All related to real-time Linux, as expected. As feedback, I think that the most important are:

– The idea of using automata model for explaining Linux’s dynamics and, mainly, to verify the behavior of the system was very welcome by the community. They want even more: To extend the idea to other subsystems of the kernel.

– The semi-partitioned scheduler is a wish for Linux!

– We need new metrics for the RT, and we need to integrate this with probabilistic execution time analysis. I was already planning to do that, but now I am even more motivated!

Deliver at least part of these ideas is my main motivation for the next year, and I hope to talk about them at the Linux Plumbers 2019!

Here are the slides of my presentations:

Mind the gap between real-time Linux and real-time theory

SCHED_DEADLINE desiderata and slightly crazy ideas

How can we catch problems that can break the PREEMPT_RT preemption model?

Beyond the latency: New metrics for the real-time kernel

The talks were recorded, I will post links here as soon as they post it!