Conference Material

Here is the companion material for the paper: Untangling the Intricacies of Thread Synchronization in the PREEMPT_RT Linux Kernel by Daniel Bristot de Oliveira, RĂ´mulo Silva de Oliveira, and Tommaso Cucinotta, to be presented at the <conference>.

The model was developed using the Supremica tool. You can find more information about Supremica here.

The source code of the model can be found here. It can be opened with Supremica. From Supremica it is possible to visualize, edit, analyze, simulate and export the model.

In the Linux part, you can find the patch with perf task_model and tracepoints here. It applies in the version v4.14.15-rt13 of the development tree of the PREEMPT RT.

It is possible to use a virtual machine to run the experiments. Here is the definition of a QEMU/KVM virtual machine and the kernel config file that works with this VM