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Hey! I am Daniel (in the real world) ‘bristot’ (on the internet).

IN CASE OF A EMERGENCY: http://bristot.me/emergency
Professionally speaking, I am a Software Maintenance Engineer at Red Hat since February 2014. My role at Red Hat is to support the Linux kernel, mainly on real-time and performance issues. Before working at Red Hat I worked for seven years at Intelbras, as a Senior Software Engineer. My mission there was to make Linux run on Intelbras’ embedded devices, which included software and hardware specification, hardware debug, boot-loader code, device drivers, network settings, luser-space applications, and so on.

Academically speaking, I have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (2009), and a Master of Science in Automation Engineering (2014). Currently, I am also a Ph.D Student in Automation Engineering (2019 – expected) at UFSC-Brazil. My current research area is Real-Time Systems, mainly about Real-Time Operating Systems and the Real-Time properties of the Linux kernel.

I am currently living in São José – SC – Brazil, in the Florianopolis Area (WOW!) . In addition to my Brazilian citizenship (I born in Brazil), I have the Italian citizenship, that is because I am Italian descendant (Yeah! I know that my name is a Italian coffee brand! yay!).

On IRC my nick is bristot on OFTC (channel #linux-rt) and FreeNode (channel #lugman).
Here is my likedin profile: http://br.linkedin.com/in/bristot